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I love the richness and diversity of our shared human experience, and celebrate the authentic, creative and soulful emergence of new expressions of being.

My greatest teachers in life have been the blockages to free expression – a chronic pain condition since adolescence and a restrictive culture with values alienating me from my own. As a natural artist and ever curious, I spent the past 25 years finding my own way to creative, mental and physical liberation. A mindfulness journalling technique has been a powerfully intuitive practice, deepening my awareness and love of our complex human condition. And further theoretical grounding came from Bachelor studies in Philosophy and Psychology, and trained experience with Lifeline Crisis Telephone Counselling. The challenges and breakthroughs of my life experience have been, by far, the richest education and initiation into this work.

Counselling on life-changing, existential topics such as meaning in life, personal identity and purpose is my own unique gift and expression. It is my life passion, my daily engagement and my offering of service to you.

~ Justin

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