Convention or Invention?

Our world is shifting dramatically and so are we.

Many of us are here to pioneer new ways of being, whether that be through our art, healing modalities, new knowledge or energetic offerings. Yet stepping out of the supportive stream of convention and entering this reinvention can be a solitary path. This can be liberating, frustrating, enlightening and sometimes terrifying as we work it all out without a map.

Tension can be the Treasure!

Periods of tension are not uncommon for this natural unfolding of being, and often peak discomfort occurs just before powerful new expressions emerge. Old and unhelpful beliefs have to make way for this new energy arising and this involves the discomfort of not knowing what lies ahead, or how to be in the moment.

The good news is you may not be far from a big release! Even a slight realignment of perspective can reconnect you with your inner resources and wisdom, as the tension reveals what is ready to release. This allows your true potent life force to be liberated, taking you to the next level of engaged contribution and expressed purpose.

Are you ready to release the tension and let go of what you previously knew? Are you curious to explore what has yet to be revealed and expressed in your life?

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