I offer:

A supportive and non-judgmental environment to explore your world and be received with fresh perspective, presence and authenticity. I encourage your own insights and create the space to allow this rising of wisdom. Your deeper intelligence knows your direction and how to respond to this moment, and we clear the way for that to become more apparent.

You may benefit, if you:

View life satisfaction beyond conventional gains such as status and achievement, and value authenticity, presence and your unique gifts finding expression.

Experience alignment with purpose as essential to your wellbeing and feel it strongly when out of sync.

Have an existing dialogue with your inner world and can take simple insight and reflect, integrate and be changed by it.

Are open to deepening this relationship with self through the practice of self-awareness techniques.

Are at a stage of development where many things you previously found helpful are no longer working.

Are ready to invest in discovering your purpose and ready to live your life more fully.

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