“The session with Justin was extremely instrumental to my spiritual growth  and wellbeing. His conversation is gentle and his presence open, accepting and compassionate. Justin creates a very safe space to express and explore your psyche. His words and insights are so simple yet deep and life changing.  Justin has a true gift to see deep into an issue and provide transformative insights. His insights gave me the understanding I needed in order to go to the next level of my growth. This is even though I have been doing spiritual work for years, but I guess some issues lay in our blind side or we are too close to see. I highly recommend working with Justin if you need a shift in your life and not sure what is holding you back.  Thank you for a very powerful session!”

– Gilia Chazan (USA) – Spiritual Counsellor

“Justin has a sensitivity and an authenticity, combined with a rare non-judgemental awareness that allows you to open to and accept the more painful and difficult parts of oneself. Instead of seeking conclusions about what might be the underlying causes or family history behind certain unhealthy behavioural patterns, he focusses on what your soul wants now and what the next step might be in moving towards it, bringing simplicity and directness and recollection of the fact that life is too short to live in any other way than that which is moving towards the ultimate fulfilment of our highest purpose.”

William Softmore (UK) – Music Producer & Sound Healer

“Before I had the sharing with Justin, I felt stuck, negative, fearful and panicky. I usually don’t like to do any type of psychotherapy or talking about my problems, because I don’t believe that a problem that comes from the mind can get cleared by analyzing it from the mind. But the session unfolded differently. It was easy for me to talk about my issue, to feel into it, to be open and listen for Justin’s feedback/insights/sharings. It felt like I sat with someone who was not operating from the mind, but more so from the heart and soul. I felt safe, not being judged, but supported, with light being cast on my situation. I believe that this level of counselling that Justin is doing cannot be learned. It’s a gift, a depth that is gained from a lot of inner work and living through very difficult experiences. I had spontaneous insights, heard important information and it felt like the puzzles clicked into place. I can honestly say that I feel heaps better having done the session, that it helped me very much and that I recommend it highly to anyone who needs help and guidance. Personally I shall recommend his work to any of my friends in need, and the next time I need a wise open ear for any problems, I know who I will contact, if necessary via Skype. So thank you Justin, may your valuable gift reach many people and help them like it helped me. In gratitude.”

– Florian Wode (Germany) – 39 yrs


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